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Right to Repair

Thursday, November 9, 2023

States Care About Right-to-Repair Too

Tuesday, voters in Maine passed Question 4, allowing local repair shops and mechanics access to the same data as dealerships. This ballot measure sought to establish an automotive Right-to-Repair.

The Maine ballot asked, “Do you want to require vehicle manufacturers to standardize on-board diagnostic systems and provide remote access to those systems and mechanical data to owners and independent repair facilities?”

A "yes" vote allows all mechanical information about a vehicle to be available beyond dealerships. This availability would include activities such as, being able to diagnose and repair a vehicle along with regular maintenance issues.

Maine is the sixth state in the U.S. to approve some standard of Right-to-Repair protections. Maine joins the states of California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York with laws regarding the Right-to-Repair on their books.

What is most exciting about the recent action in Maine is that voters overwhelmingly approved the measure. The most recent vote totals show 84% of Mainers voted to protect the Right-to-Repair!

While the Right-to-Repair is gaining traction in Washington, D.C., demonstrably, voters and state governments are not waiting for federal officials to act. The momentum behind the Right-to-Repair is gaining steam. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is proud to support this movement and defend a consumers access to the tools, parts and information needed to service and repair products.

Congratulations to the State of Maine! Well done!

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