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Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  We are just a group of bikers that like to ride all over.  Nothing better than getting out on the bike, hitting the road and letting the wind blow thru what's left of our rapidly decreasing hair line.

Our Strength is a Confederation of Clubs coming together to defend our Constitutional Rights and further our motorcycle lifestyle.  To defend our rights and lifestyle through education and the political process.  The Kansas Confederation of Clubs is promoting communication and education to and between all motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Log into KS Conferation of Clubs Website


Recent news

7/21/2021      Highway Bill

House Passes Highway Bill – Biker Priorities Included

Thursday morning the full House of Representatives passed H.R. 3684 the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act or the INVEST in America Act. This bill is more commonly referred to as the highway bill. The read more »

7/21/2018      Irresponsible Media Reports of Bikerfest Shooting Spreads Dangerous Stereotype

The National Council of Clubs Adresses Leesburg Bikefest Shooting The National Council of Clubs (NCOC) issued a Press Statement today addressing the recent shooting that occurred April 29th, 2017, during the annual Bikefest in Leesburg, Florida. (Florida)- The National Council of Clubs (NCOC) and the Florida Council of Clubs (FLCOC), read more »

3/22/2016      Update on House Sub Senate Sub Senate Bill 18

You may remember that recently the Kansas CoC circulated a press release on the House Sub to Senate Sub to SB 18, which is a bill that would automatically classify all Law Enforcement (LE) body cam and vehicle cam videos criminal investigation records and therefore exempt them from the read more »

3/20/2016      SoS Kansas Brother-in-Need Gun Raffle

To All Kansas CoC Members:

Sons of Silence has a member who is in need of an expensive medical procedure that needs to be performed soon. He has no health insurance and a young family to support.

Given the expense of this procedure, we decided to help read more »

3/8/2016      Kansas Legislature House Sub for Senate Sub for SB 18

From: Kansas Confederation of Clubs
RE: Kansas Legislature House Sub for Senate Sub for SB 18
Date: March 8, 2016
Contact: Brian P. Cohoon, Spokesperson (


The Kansas Confederation of Clubs (KSCoC) is a state-wide organization that brings
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