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ABATE Shares Its Legislative Priorities With the KCoC

Monday, April 18, 2016

As most of you know, Pelican Dave is our laiason to ABATE. He brought back from the last meeting he attended a list of updates to certain House Bills that ABATE is watching. The update follows:

  • HB 2033: This would authorized motorists to exceed the posted speed limit by not more than 10mph while passing on a two-lane highway. It is in the House Appropriations Committee as of 2/26.
  • HB 2194: This would allow the Secretary of Transportation to set up Safety Corridors on rural highways where speeding fines would be doubled. This is in House Transportation Committee as of 2/10.
  • HP 2195: This would provide for enhanced penalties for drivers who fail to yield right of way under several circumstances when such failure results in a collision that results in bodily harm to, great bodily harm to or death of another person. It is in the House Transportation Committee as of 2/13.
  • HB 2219: This bill would prohibit the use of handheld wireless communication devices while operating a vehicle unless certain conditions are met. It would restrict the use of hands-free wireless communication devices to certain categories of vehicle operators while operating a vehicle. It is in the House Utilities and Telecommunications Committee as of 2/10.
  • HB 2436: This is known as the Trike Bill and it passed both houses unanimously. It will be worked in conference committee in the 'wrap-up" session and will then go to the Governor for his signature. The primary revision in this bill is to allow those who ride trikes to take their "M" endorsement practical test on a trike rather than a motorcycle. Those who do so will have a restriction placed on their license restricting them to operation of three-wheelers only; however, anyone who takes the test on a motorcycle can operate either both bikes and trikes.
  • HB 2605: This bill authorizes the Director of the Kansas Turnpike Authority to have registration renewals restricted for non-payment of certain amounts of back tolls. It passed the House 63-54 on 3/9 and is in the Senate Transportation Committee as of 3/14.

So, that's the round-up. The Legislature is adjourned and reconvenes on 4/27 for the "wrap-up" or "veto" session. We'll keep a close look at the status of these bills and will update any changes as they happen.

KS Brian

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