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Latest Update on House Sub to SB 18

Monday, April 18, 2016

Many of your may remember some emails and a press release from the KCoC regarding House Sub to SB 18. This was the bill that would have automatically classified all LEO body and vehicle cam videos as criminal investigation records and therefore exempt from the Kansas Open Records Act.

I'm speaking of this in the past tense because it has been stricken from the House calendar under House Rule 1507. Rule 1507 refers to the Kansas Legislature Joint Rule #4, which specifies certain deadlines by which bills must be submitted for consideration. For the 2016 session, March 23, 2016 was the last day for submission. Accordingly, even though the House Committee on the Judiciary recommended passage (it had already been passed in the Senate), it wasn't submitted for consideration by the full House by the deadline. This officially kills this piece of legislation for this session.

Since a new two-year session starts next year, the sponsors of this will have to start over from scratch and submit a new bill if they want to pursue this further. So, while there's no worry this session, we'll have to keep our ear to the ground next year to see if this resurfaces.

KS Brian 1%ER

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