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Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  We are just a group of bikers that like to ride all over.  Nothing better than getting out on the bike, hitting the road and letting the wind blow thru what's left of our rapidly decreasing hair line.

Our Strength is a Confederation of Clubs coming together to defend our Constitutional Rights and further our motorcycle lifestyle.  To defend our rights and lifestyle through education and the political process.  The Kansas Confederation of Clubs is promoting communication and education to and between all motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Recent news

5/25/2016      Victory for Kansas City Motorcyclists-Rockfest Lifts "No Colors" Ban read more »

5/18/2016      National Council of Clubs Speaks Out Against MC Profiling

National Council of Clubs Speaks Out Against MC Profiling read more »

5/10/2016      Rockfest Rescinds Colors Ban

I'm happy to report that it looks like Rockfest has rescinded their colors ban. A quick check of their web site shows the paragraph in their FAQ regarding the colors ban has been removed. One of our associates spoke with one of the DJ's from The Rock and was told read more »

5/10/2016      Email Condemning Rockfest Colors Ban Sent to Promotor

The text of an email sent earlier today to the promotor of Rockfest follows:

Mr. Edwards:

It was with some surprise that we in the Motorcycle Club community learned that Rockfest is imposing a ban on members of Motorcycle Clubs wearing their colors to your event. To our knowledge, read more »

5/10/2016      Rockfest Imposes Colors Ban

We just learned this morning that Rockfest, promoted by KQRS 98.9 The Rock, is imposing a ban on Motorcycle Club members wearing their colors. Their statement (from deep in their web site) claims that the event is "colors neutral" and that The Rock has the "upmost respect for our local read more »

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